Waste To Energy

The future of both the Waste and Energy markets are changing rapidly across the World. As a global community we cannot continue to fill the earth with our unprocessed waste whilst we continue extracting our Worlds depleting resources.


Therefore alternative energy sources have been and will continue to be evaluated and one emerging but established market is Energy from Waste. This philosophy allows us to divert waste from landfills, not just by continuing to recover recyclables, but equally importantly by refining the materials typically sent to landfill into Refuse Derived Fuel/Solid Recovered Fuel (RDF/SRF) to be used as a fossil fuel replacement therefore reducing the demands on our diminishing resources.


Purecycle Ltd has many years’ experience in the Waste to Energy sector and our systems for waste recycling are designed with a focus on producing high quality, high calorific value RDF/SRF.


Having worked closely with fuel users such as Cement Kilns and Power Generation companies in understanding the quality and specification of the alternative energy sources that they require, we have the knowledge and experience to design and install your waste recycling plant to produce alternative fuels – typically RDF and SRF – of exacting specifications whilst maintaining the flexibility to cater for other fuel users and their required specifications.


Fuel material streams are typically produced as either a low-grade, rough shred size of <300mm or a high-grade, loose flock at <30mm. The finished fuel can then be transported by truck to local Energy from Waste sites as flock or for greater logistic efficiencies and reduced transportation costs, especially when exporting fuel, we can offer bale and wrapping systems to produce a dense bale to maximise tare weight, wrapped in polythene film to prevent material spillage and cross-contamination.

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