Waste Recycling

All our employees at Purecycle Ltd have, for many years, had their feet firmly planted in the waste recycling industry, having designed and installed some of the most advanced recycling systems in the world.


Solid waste types processed range from high volume Construction and Demolition (C&D) and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste plants all the way through the spectrum to large scale Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) plants for recyclables recovery and alternative fuels preparation.


  • We have designed and installed waste sorting systems to handle incoming waste volumes of up to 660,000 tonnes per annum
  • We specialise in systems for high value recyclables recovery and high quality RDF/SRF production, maintaining the balance between both output commodities
  • Our systems produce alternative fuels for Mass Burn, Gasification, Pyrolysis and Energy from Waste plants around the world
  • Our systems produce high quality RDF/SRF for use globally in Cement Kilns as alternative fuels
  • We have designed and installed systems for the shredding, classification and densification of biomass for use in biomass boilers
  • We will tailor your system to suit your specific waste whilst maintaining as much flexibility as possible to ensure that you can adapt to changing markets

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