Shredding Equipment - Waste, Plastic, Wood

Shredding technology suitable for a variety of waste reduction and recycling processes. Our range of machines offers advanced designs for Single, Twin and Four Rotor systems to suit Waste, Plastic and Wood Shredding.



  • Single-rotor and twin-rotor shredders are suitable for solid waste including household, commercial, industrial and construction & demolition materials
  • Single-rotor shredders are suitable for shredding rigid plastics, film, textiles, card, rubber and fibrous materials.
  • Rotor widths ranging from 800mm up to 2800mm and throughput capabilities of up to 80 Tonnes per hour
  • Patented ECO-Drive motors offer automatic variable speed and flexibility in processing needs
  • Electrical running cost savings of up to 60% with output increase of up to 70% with ECO-Drive Motors, compared to standard AC motors

ECO-Drive systems offer excellent reliability due to no moving parts, gearboxes or belt drives



  • The Single rotor series is ideally suited for plastic waste shredding
  • A patented ‘Granulation’ rotor design with the ability to shred raw, rigid plastic scraps in a single pass
  • Extrusion and re-compounding is possible from the granulator quality, 10mm chip produced in the granulation rotor shredders
  • No heat build-up or plastic ‘pig-tailing’ created that is normally associated with high rotor speeds and single-rotor shredders
  • Huge potential cost savings - only one machine is required for shredding and granulation

No rotor wrapping problems as rotors are specially designed for film and fibrous materials 



  • Single-rotor wood shredders feature low speed, high-torque drive systems for high efficiency and high volume output
  • Capable of processing all wood and timber scrap including chipboard, MDF, hardwoods and veneers
  • Machines have external hydraulic ram guides for easy replacement and to reduce downtime and material blockages
  • Various standard models available to suit waste size and throughput rates with rotor widths starting at 700mm for low volume wood off-cuts
  • Low operator input as shredders are fitted with large feeding hoppers and an auto switch-off option


Twin-rotor shredders are available for large processing volumes of wood waste. These robust and reliable machines offer size grading and throughputs of up to 70 tonnes per hour


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