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Purecycle Ltd have been closely involved in the development of renewable energy platforms based on refused derived fuel (RDF), solid recovered fuel (SRF), waste wood, biomass, energy crops and agricultural residue. Both in the developed nations and in the developing world, taking waste and converting this into revenue streams and green energy is a next step in diverting value and energy from landfill and expensive inefficient waste incineration.


Whether household, industrial, animal or food production waste these can be treated and processed in to fuel for advanced gasification waste to energy solutions replacing increasingly expensive fossil fuels.     


We are keen to joint venture with a variety of partners in the development of green energy fuels and projects where sustainable and renewable energy fuel streams will sustain a project over the long term. Particularly we have the expertise to design and build state of the art waste recycling systems which are capable of extracting all the value from the waste stream by recyclables recovery, leaving the final RDF/SRF to be fed to advanced energy from waste systems to generate non fossil fuel green energy which will attract various green energy tariffs such as the UK's Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) and other lucrative green energy feed-in tariff incentives.


Whether small scale combined heat and power (CHP) units, medium scale power solutions or larger projects above 10MW, we can bring our long-term experience, practical knowledge, technical design and engineering expertise to benefit the project. 


With successfully installed projects across the world including in the Baltic territories, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, Gulf and MENA regions we are able to deliver turnkey renewable energy projects on time and on budget.     

150,000 Tonne/annum MRF

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