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SRF & Biomass Fuel Cube Development

Perfect Pellets!

Producing high quality SRF pellets is a dark art - but well worth the effort !


Alternative fuel processing is typically a complex process of shredding , screening , density separation and the utilisation of "high tech" or "black box" systems to remove harmful elements such as PVC and heavy metals - striving to produce a feedstock material than can be pelletised with minimum pellet die wear.


Purecycle is leading the way in creating a high grade SRF pellet for the alternative fuels market. We have scoured the market to find the best available sorting and screening technologies and completed various trials, designs, and testing to finalise our production method. We now have a solution that will turn your SRF into a high CV, high quality fuel pellet. Contact us for more information on how we do this and how we can turn your negative SRF gatefee into a positive one!

Work on large scale Waste to Energy plant in India begins

Purecycle have been acting as engineering consultants since February 2016 for a project in Kochi, India. This project is a large Waste to Energy project, with a focus on regenerating the area and reducing waste to landfill. Incorporating a 10 MW Gasification plant on the site.

We have used our past experience to design the entire site, with local planning and regulations in mind, to create a system that truly works. Using top of the line MRF equipment alongside a patented biodrying slab system, we are able to provide a very high efficiency system to handle the extremely difficult Indian MSW make up.

Watch this space for more details as the project progresses!

Work begins to clear the existing site of trees. (Purecycle MD Liam visiting site)

Purecycle welcomes a busy start to 2017

We have had a busy start to 2017, working on several exciting design consultancy projects for clients across the globe! We are excited to see that some of these projects will be realised within this coming year!
Watch this space for some more details of the projects as they come online..

Purecycle Spares

Our new spares shop is now up and running. More products being added all the time! For now, visit the link below to see what we've got on offer!

CRUK Membership

Purecycle Exhibits

Purecycle exhibits at the Carpet Recycling UK conference and Waste '15 

150,000 T/a MRF Facility

Opes Industries Installation


See a video of the facility in operation here:



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